A Brief History: Located at 36 Jefferson Boulevard in Warwick Rhode Island stands the La Quinta Inn. Once known as the Fairfield Inn Marriott, this hotel is a fully functional facility that mostly houses people visiting the area for business or for the holidays. What some of those visitors don’t realize is the relatively dark events that took place in the hotel years ago. In room 316, a woman committed suicide via hanging herself. Another visitor also took his last breath in the hotel, but under much different circumstances. An employee at the hotel said a man, later turning out to be a farmer, checked into room 506 in the 1960’s. It was shortly after he checked in that he apparently suffered a heart attack and passed away since he was in the room alone and nobody could get him help.

Haunted History: It is said that the deaths that occurred within the inn’s walls continue to haunt the hallways and the rooms they occurred in. The farmer from room 506 is said to have been seen in the room he died in at night. Patrons will wake up suddenly in the middle of the night and see the shadow of a man somewhere in the room silently watching them.

Some reports state that the man will appear to try speaking to them, but create no sound. The man has also been spotted walking through the door of room 506 by patrons looking from down the hallway.

The woman that hung herself in room 316 has similar reports. She also appears to guests at night, except she is usually seen moving toward the window or toward the door only to disappear into it. She has also been spotted roaming the hallways. The current hotel staff has said they have received complaints starting relatively recently that guests hear a woman yelling for help coming from room 316. In all instances, nobody was staying in that room.

From the result of the reports coming from the guests and staff at the La Quinta Inn, it sure sounds like the spirits of these two guests are in for an extended stay. For one, the hotel is likely an accumulation of an overwhelming amount of depression and sadness, and the other probably still doesn’t believe he has passed. Regardless, this hotel can in no way be considered normal.