A Brief History: The Historic Farnsworth Inn located at 401 Baltimore Street in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; laid its original foundations around 1810 and in 1833 the brick building we see today was erected. The building is named for Brigadier General Elon John Farnsworth, who led his 65 men to their deaths in a failed charge shortly after the famously unsuccessful Pickett’s Charge during the Civil War’s Battle of Gettysburg. During the battle The Historic Farnsworth Inn housed a group of Confederate sharpshooters believed to be responsible for firing the shot that killed Jennie Wade, the only civilian casualty of the three-day conflict. Littered with near one hundred bullet holes, the building continued to act as a field hospital after the battle and was even on the route of Abraham Lincoln’s procession as he made his way to the national cemetery to give his Gettysburg Address. The building currently operates as a bed and breakfast in addition to a restaurant and tavern served by waiters in period dress. There is also a display of props from the movie Gettysburg, and the attic, Garret room contains personal Civil War relics.

Haunted History: Claims of paranormal activity include Confederate soldier entities that get fresh with female waitresses by pulling on their aprons, leaving indentations on patrons’ beds, disembodied footsteps following around the staff, as well as play a Jew’s harp concert in the attic. There is also purported to be an older female apparition in 1800s attire that looks over the items stored on the shelves of a hallway that runs between the tavern and the kitchen.