Field reports are used to document investigations and keep track of readings on all of the equipment that is used on an investigation. Field reports can also be used to compare previous data from the same investigation site. Field reports are also good because we can document whatever has taken place on our investigation. When using different types of equipment on an investigation, your report will have more information about what happened during the investigation. We also record information off of the Ghost Weather Station (GWS), which is shown below, such as Moon phases, Solar X-Rays, and Geomagnetic Field. We also record GWS current weather conditions, and that data consists of Current Temperature, Dew Point, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, UV Index Wind, and Weather Conditions, such as cloudy, rainy, breezy, fair etc. Having these documents to look back upon is the best way to declare a site haunted or not haunted or to show proof of evidence we have.