A Brief History: Flagler College is located at 74 King Street in St. Augustine Florida. Flagler College was founded in 1968 from the Ponce de Leon Hotel, which was built in 1888 by John Carrere and Thomas Hastings under Henry Flagler. The hotel was the first to be created only from poured concrete and was designed with a Spanish Renaissance style. It was also one of the first buildings to be wired for electricity using DC generators, which were installed by Thomas Edison who was a friend of Flagler. The original building and grounds are still part of Flagler College.

Haunted History: Many believe that Henry Flagler is still roaming the halls today. When he died in 1913 the funeral was held in the Ponce de Leon. All the windows and doors were left open during the service to allow his spirit to move on. However a person who was unaware of this custom began to close the windows and doors. When this happened a sudden bust of wind blew through the funeral service and many believe that was Flagler’s spirit forever being trapped in the building. There are also reports of students waking up to see a ghostly woman dressed in black as well as a young boy playing in the hallways. The sounds of whistling in the showers believed to be a handyman at one time and a pregnant woman who died one night by accidentally falling down the stairs are even more claims of the many spirits said to walk the halls of Flagler College.