We use flashlights for many reasons. One of the reasons is to see where we are going in the dark, and so we can see what the readings are on our equipment. Our flashlights have different color lenses such as red, clear, yellow, blue, purple, green, and orange. The best color lens to use in the dark is red, because red light is the easiest for your eyes to adjust to in the dark. Another reason we use red light so we do not get spotted from a distance from other people because red light is the hardest to see from a distance. Every group should have at least one flashlight on them. If we don’t split up into groups during an investigation then we should have at least 4 flashlights. If you are an NCO or higher then you are not required to use a red lens cover. If your rank is lower than NCO then you are required to use a red lens cover. When using a flashlight you should not point it at the lenses of a 35mm camera, digital camera, any of the handheld video cameras, and/or DVR cameras, because it may cause damage to the lens.