A Brief History: Fort Depuy is located at Depuy Rd, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. This house, considered to be a fort at a time of war was built in 1727. At the time this house was built in 1727 by one of the first settlers in the area Nicholas Dupuy and was used as a farm and house until in 1755, when it was commandeered and turned into a Fort at the time of the French Indian war due to its location on the Delaware River. One famous figure known to have spent time at this fort during the French and Indian war was Benjamin Franklin. It was returned to the Dupuy family after the war in 1763 and again used as a farm. The house is now used as administrative offices for the Wyndham Shawnee-on-the-Delaware Resort.

Haunted History: Some employees reported seeing an apparition of an unknown woman walking around the house, disembodied footsteps, and feeling sudden drops in temperature.