A Brief History: On September 6th of 1781, an attack was made on Ft. Griswold, an American fort during the Revolutionary War. On this date in history, 165 militia and local volunteers who were under the command of Colonel William Ledyard, guarded Ft. Griswold. Expecting the British to arrive at the Fort, Colonel Ledyard was elected to defend the post against the opposing forces. British commander, Colonel Eyre was sent to the Fort to demand surrender. Colonel Ledyard refused. Once again, Eyre requested surrender or “no quarter (mercy) would be given”. Colonel Ledyard still did not surrender saying, “We will not give up the fort, let the consequences be what they may.”

Led by General Benedict Arnold, Colonel Eyre and Major Montgomery, the British began to advance on the fort. Many British soldiers were killed and wounded as they stormed Ft. Griswold. Eyre was severely injured and Montgomery was killed in battle. After some time, the remaining British soldiers made it to the gate of the Fort. As the gate opened, Colonel Ledyard ordered his men to stop fighting, although some action was still taking place.

Colonel Ledyard surrendered his sword and was immediately killed by General Benedict Arnold. At the end of the battle 85 Americans were killed, 5 were on the brink of death, and 36 were severely injured. On the British side, 51 were killed and 165 were wounded in the battle. All and all, this battle only lasted 40 minutes, but in those forty minutes, it was quite the massacre.

Haunted History: Many people claim Ft. Griswold to be a very haunted location. Claims of a shadowy figure are seen in the tunnel beneath the north wall. Voices are said to be heard throughout the fort. Some have also claimed to have small rocks thrown at them on the path leading to the shot furnace. An apparition of a solider with a tri-corner hat has been seen at the front gate. Many footsteps have been heard on the grounds. Along with orbs being sighted at night. Also screams of a little girl have been heard saying “no, no!”