A Brief History: Fort Hill Cemetery is located at The Plaza in Montauk, NY. Where it is down hill from the gorgeous Montauk Manor. Prior to being a cemetery however there were Montukette Indians that lived there. There is a rock that sits on the grounds that was once considered the Council Rock. Many councils were held there to discuss all of life’s matters. It is considered to have historical significance to the Montauk tribe that resided there and they believed it to be a spiritual vortex, a fire would start at the base of the rock and could be seen like a beacon to any ships that were in the area. It is now a modern cemetery that shows no signs that the Montaukette Indians resided there other than a plaque that sits on top of what used to be the Council Rock.

Haunted History: Today there are some supernatural events that occur on or around the grounds of Fort Hill Cemetery. They say that the spirit of the Montaukette Indian chief has been seen in this area as well as on the grounds of Montauk Manor. They also say you can hear a faint beating of drums if you listen carefully. Just outside the grounds is where some of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders died of disease or tuberculosis and some believe there spirits may roam the area as well.