A Brief History: The Battle of ft. Slongo now known as Ft. Salonga, was fought on October 3, 1781 between the American Continental Army forces and British Regulars. Early on the evening of October 2, 1781, 50 men from the Conneticut line commanded by Captain Richards and 50 more men from the Dismounted Dragoons commanded by Captain Edgar, crossed the Long Island Sound in boats to raid a small British garrison outpost on Long Island. At dawn Major Trescott, Captain Richards and Captain Edgar attacked the fort with a frontal assault. The battle was over in just minutes. The Garrison housed 80-140 Infantry. 21 British Troops were captured and 2 were killed. The rest escaped into the woods. The Americans only suffered 1 soldier wounded. That was Sergeant Elijah Churchill, who would be the first soldier to receive a new medal called the Badge of Military Merit, today known as the Purple Heart. The award was given to Sergeant Churchill, personally by General George Washington. Today there is a historical marker on Route 25A in Ft. Salonga that says the battle was fought near this site.

Haunted History: There have been claims of hearing gunshots in the early morning. People have also claimed to hear the sounds of a battle taking place, but there is nothing going on around the area.