Profile Rock

A Brief History: Profile Rock is located in Freetown State Park, at the address of Slab Bridge Rd, in Assonet Massachusetts. Prior to the 1800s the face in the rock wasn’t always there. There used to be a giant deposit of granite. Most likely Profile Rock was created in the mid 1800s by dynamite used to mine the area, creating a 50-foot face in the rock. Now known as the “Old Man of Joshua Mountain”, Profile Rock is a sacred space for Natives Americans. The Wampanog tribe believes that the Gods sent this rock in the image of Chief Massasolt Sachem. There have been Indian tribal rituals done at this location. Now the location is part of the Freetown State park, and you can go there to check out the rock.

Haunted History: Some paranormal claims that have taken place here are sounds of Native American battles cries, singing, and drumming. There are also claims of hearing whispering in the woods and feelings of constantly being watched.