A Brief History: The General Stanton Inn, located at 4115 Old Post Rd, Charlestown, Rhode Island, was named after Thomas Stanton, a Native American interpreter. In 1655 Stanton received an area of land that is known today as Charlestown, as a gift for helping negotiate a hostage situation for an Indian Princess. In 1667, a one-roomed house was built on the property and used as a schoolhouse for Indian children. Many rooms have since been added but the original schoolroom can still be found in the Inn today. In 1740, Thomas Stanton’s son Joseph had a dairy business and kept horses in the house. When the family needed money they turned the house into an Inn, which became a haven for gamblers during prohibition. The Inn was in the Stanton family for over 200 years and since had about 6 owners. Today it is one of the oldest operating Inns in the country.

Haunted History: The reported paranormal activity includes everything from strange noises and sensations to apparitions. One particular hotspot is said to be the Washington Room. It is said that a male spirit is seen there, and people report being touched on the shoulder. A worker on the property once reported a mannequin’s finger being thrown at him while in the attic.