A Brief History: The Gillette House is located at 47 Gillette Avenue in Sayville New York. Captain Charles Z. Gillette fought in the Civil War. Upon his return in 1862 he lived many years with his wife, Phoebe Edwards and his three children in the home he built for them. The street was called Edwards Street at the time but was renamed later in honor of the well-liked Captain. He was a valued member of the community and was even elected the Town of Islip Supervisor for eight years. He was also appointed as Post Master in 1869 and was a successful merchant. Charles Gillette was one of the first to bring electric Lighting to his home and block. Upon his death, the home went to his daughter. She gave the property to the town of Islip in 1944 to be made into a park. The park is now a very popular spot for events and the building is now used for many community programs and societies, some of which include the Bay Arena Friends of the Fine Arts, youth organizations such as the girl and boy scouts, a pantry and an improvement society. The Gillette family is buried at St. Anne’s Cemetery and has many local visitors each year.

Haunted History: People have claimed to have seen shadow figures walking through the hallways. There have also been claims of seeing a young girl peek out of the 2nd floor window and then disappear.