A Brief History: Built in 1869, The Gingerbread House, located at 28 Gurney Street Cape May, New Jersey was a bed and breakfast inn for wealthy people. It was designed by the famous architect, Stephen Decatur Button. It was used as a summerhouse for wealthy families since its creation. In 1979 the house was bought by Fred Echevarria who then gave up his job to move to Cape May in order to fully commit to restoring the Gingerbread House. He is currently still the owner to this day alongside his wife, Joan Echevarria. The Gingerbread House has been among the finest bed and breakfast inns, still holding true to its carpenter gothic style.

Haunted History: Through the years there have been many different claims from the guest that stayed there. Guests have felt unusual cold spots roam through the house. Guests have also have seen black shadows standing at the edge of there bed and then disappear.