A Brief History: Gold Brook Covered Bridge also known locally as “Emily’s Bridge” is located on Covered Bridge Road in Stowe Vermont. The 50-foot bridge was built in 1844 by John W. Smith, to carry Covered Bridge Road over Gold Brook. This covered bridge is the only 19thcentury bridge in Vermont that uses wooden Howe trusses and is still used as a public roadway. The Gold Brook covered bridge was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1974.

Haunted History: The name “Emily’s Bridge” comes from some local tales of a young girl who had died due to a broken heart. There are a few different stories that go along with this urban legend but there is no historical proof that Emily has ever existed. The first known story comes from a high school student around 1968, who wrote a paper about an experience he or she had while playing a Ouija board on the bridge. They had connected with a spirit named Emily who claimed to have killed herself. Others have since used the Ouija board at this location and contacted a spirit by the name of Emily and they claim she was killed on the bridge by her fiancés mother.

One story claims that she and her lover were supposed to elope. When the groom didn’t show up, she with a broken heart tied a rope to the rafters of the bridge and hung herself.

Another story claims that she was dressed in a beautiful red gown on her wedding day and the groom did not show up. She took the horse and carriage and raced off at incredible speeds, some say to confront the groom, and didn’t navigate the turn correctly and crashed off the bank and into the rocky brook killing both herself and her horses.

There have been disturbing reports of paranormal activity at this location. People have claimed to have deep scratches on the sides of their cars after sitting under the bridge. Others have been scratched or touched. Some people have seen a female apparition in white and have also reported hearing banging noises on the sides of their cars or dragging across their roof while sitting under the bridge. It is claimed that the most paranormal activity occurs on the bridge between the hours of 9:30pm and 3:30am.