A Brief History: Gould’s Pond which is located off St. James Road has been used as a fishing spot since Lake Grove was settled back in the early 1700’s. By the 1800’s it was one of the many lakes used to cut ice from, which was then stored at one of the two Icehouses that sat on its shores. After World War I many changes happened in Lake Grove, one of which was the old Icehouses would be taken down and James Gould established a Feed Mill there and his relative Harold Gould went on to become Postmaster. Once the early 1900’s began and Lake Ronkonkoma became such a popular recreational area, summer homes were needed and the Feed Mill was torn down to make room for more housing. These summer homes have since become permanent homes that sit around Gould’s Pond where the Feed Mill and Icehouses once stood. Today Gould’s Pond is still used for fishing and is open to the public from dawn till dusk but a fishing license is required.

Haunted History: People have said that they have seen a man in gray sitting by the lake and then just disappear.