Grumman Road is supposed to be a road that strange things occur. When you drive down this road your gauges in your car start to move back and fourth. Your radio in your car may go on or off, and change radio stations on it’s own. The reception to your radio will be low, and you will hear a lot of static. While you are driving down this road your car may stall out. If you have a compass, it will give faulty directions or it may even spin around. It is said also that while driving on this road all of these things start to happen to your car and when you turn around to go back the side roads that you passed while driving on the road have disappeared, and then reappear later. All of these occurrences may be do to extraterrestrial activity in the area, this road may cross through a military base, and the events happening here could be do to government testing on different types of equipment. This road may even cross through a strong magnetic field that no one knows is there. This road also may cross into another dimension and then come back, which would explain why roads disappear and then reappear. Supposedly this road is out in Eastern Long Island, but no one knows exactly where it is.