A Brief History: Gunntown Cemetery, located on Gunntown Road in Naugatuck Connecticut, is a historic cemetery that’s been around since 1790. It is said that many of the Naugatuck residents who supported independence from Britain during the Revolutionary War are actually buried here. Named after the Gunn Family, Gunntown was an 800 acre stretch of land named for the family that inhabited the area and operated a sawmill in the 1740’s. The cemetery was built toward the middle of this area. Today, it still stands as a cemetery, one that renowned demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren have investigated themselves.

Haunted History: Gunntown cemetery is actually a paranormal hotspot, with plenty of claims of sightings. Some of these claims include hearing children laugh, a black dog that disappears as quickly as he appears, or the sound of music playing. Some have even claimed to have seen an old man with a lantern walking across the grounds, while others have claimed to see a boy somewhere along the back wall who just disappears. To further support these claims, The Warrens, as mentioned before, have visited Gunntown Cemetery, and even they claimed it to be a haunted location.