A Brief History: The Hanging Tree is located off Grove Avenue near the Swan River, Legend states that back in colonial times people who were tried as witches were hanged here. Unfortunately there is little evidence to support the claims that people were hung here back then. In recent legend there were two people that have died by the hanging tree. One was a suicide; it is unclear if the second was due to suicide or fowl play. At this time there is no records of anyone passing away at this location.

Haunted History: Many paranormal events have occurred here anything ranging from unexplained lights, moving shadows and distortions. People have said to feel uneasy and experience feelings of dread. Past investigators have had equipment knocked from there hands, have been pushed and EVPs were also caught at this location. On at least one occasion someone has claimed seeing a “Lady in White” on the grounds. There have also been multiple cameras malfunctions. There have also been many claims of hot spots and cold spots felt here.