A Brief History: Located at 18 Washington Square Salem Massachusetts. In August of 1925 the doors opened at the Hawthorne Hotel. On the day that the hotel opened there was a citywide parade. In the 1940’s the Hawthorne purchased the Crowninshield-Bentley House, it was later donated to the Essex Institute in 1959. In the 1950’s the name of the hotel was changed to the Hawthorne Motor Hotel, in order to attract the huge boom of automobile enthusiasts and families alike. In June of 1970 an episode of Bewitched titled Salem Saga was filmed at the hotel. In 1985 it was the 60th anniversary of the hotel at this time it was called the Hawthorne Inn. In 2001 former President Bill Clinton stayed at the hotel. In 2003 the hotel acquired the Suzannah Flint Guest House, which is across the street. As recent as 2015 Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence filmed a movie at the hotel titled Joy.

Haunted History: On October 30th 1990 on the 64th anniversary of Harry Houdini s death there was a séance performed at the hotel. As far as we know there was no contact made. The hotel holds a Halloween party every year since 1991. Room 325 is said to be haunted by a spirit that lays hands on people. There is also said to be a child that will not stop crying. The entire 6th floor is said to have an apparition of a woman that is roaming the endlessly roaming the halls.