A Brief History: Located at 47 Summer Street in the heart of historic Salem, Massachusetts. The Henry Derby house stands as examples of Greek Revival homes that were popular between 1830-1850. It was originally constructed around 1840 by the local Salem pharmacist. The house was purchased by Peg Carmada in 1978, where she raised her family and first began experiencing paranormal activity. After her children grew up and moved out, Peg decided to turn her house into a Bed and Breakfast. Peg finally opened The Henry Derby House Bed and Breakfast to the public in 2001, where she enjoyed over a decade of sharing stories of her house and anecdotes from her life around the breakfast table until her untimely death from cancer in 2012. The Henry Derby House is currently operated by Peg’s son and daughter who strive to continue their mother’s mission of providing a humble wonderful gathering place for their guests.

Haunted History: The paranormal history centers around a maid named Sarah. It is said that when the current owners first moved in Sarah kept making herself known to their son, causing him to lose sleep when sleeping on the third floor. Eventually activity calmed down as Sarah became more comfortable with the owners, and with guests as the building made the transition from home to bed and breakfast. Paranormal claims range from feeling Sarah’s presence in the Yellow Room, to guests having their rooms cleaned up, and even having their feet tickled or massaged.