A Brief History: Constructed by the Soviet Union, but commissioned by the East German Navy in 1985, the Hiddensee began its life as the Rudolf Egelhoffer. She was designed as a Tarantul I- class ship; which was a small, fast moving, attack craft. In 1990 with the merging of East and West Germany, the Rudolf Egelhoffer was transferred into the German Navy, and renamed Hiddensee. Then, in 1991 Germany decommissioned the Hiddensee and transferred her to the United States. The United States used the now USNS Hiddensee in naval exercises, and thoroughly studied the ship design. April 1996 brought about the end of the Hiddensee’s service in the United State’s Navy, and in 1997 she became a museum ship at Battleship Cove, located in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Haunted History: There have been claims of people seeing a white mist appear and then disappear at night.