A Brief History: Holy Land USA is located at 90 Slocum Street in Waterbury Connecticut. This abandoned theme park is roughly 18 acres, located on a hilltop often covered in fog. It was the idea of Attorney John Baptist Greco, a Roman Catholic. He wanted to replicate Bethlehem and Jerusalem during biblical times. At its peak the park brought in forty thousand visitors per year. In 1984 he closed Holy Land USA with dreams of expanding the popular park but he unfortunately died in 1986 while the park was still left unfinished. The Biblical park was left to the care of the Filippini sisters, who ran a religious teaching organization. In fear of “liability and being sued” they never reopened the park and it fell into despair. Un-maintained, it became a spot for vandalism among the local youth. Over the years there have been attempts to fix up the land. In1997 Boy Scouts repaired the large “Holy Land USA” sign. The major focal point of the park was a nearly 60 foot high cross. It was replaced with a 50-foot stainless steel one in 2008. This also wasn’t maintained and was replaced again with a new 52-foot stainless steel one in 2008. This also wasn’t maintained and was replaced again with a new 52 foot cross in a ceremony by Archbishop Henry J. Mansell. In 2000 the Knights of Columbus tried to restore the park as well. In 2010, 16 year old Chloe Ottman was raped and strangled to death in the park by 19 year old Francisco Cruz. It brought the park back into the public’s eye and caught attention once more. In 2013 Mayor Neil O’Leary and car dealer Fritz Blasius purchased the park. They are currently still working towards reopening the park.

Haunted History: A woman is oftentimes seen near the gates, she vanishes when approach. She has also been seen less often in a phantom car. Electrical equipment is said to drain rapidly in the park and an eerie feeling claimed to make visitors uneasy among the headless statues and heavy fog. People have also claimed to see shadowy figures roam through the park.