Brief History: The Isaac Bell House also known as the Edna Villa is located at 70 Perry Street Newport, Rhone Island. One of the best examples of shingle style architecture in the country is the Isaac Bell house. the Isaac Bell house, built originally as a summer cottage, was designed in 1883 by the firm McKim, Mead and White for a wealthy cotton broker named Isaac Bell. The Isaac Bell house was owned by several different people over the years and even served as a nursing home by splitting the house up into apartments. In 1996 the Preservation society purchased the house which is now designated a national historic landmark. Although the interior of the house is under restoration, the exterior has been renovated and the house is now considered a museum and used for tours seasonally.

Haunted History: While doing renovation on the 3rdfloor in the house the construction workers claim to hear a woman humming when no one else is in the house. There are also claims of a light that goes on by itself on the 1stfloor. Guest have claimed to see a shadowy figure roaming the hallway and then disappear.