A Brief History: The Islip Pavilion Theater opened as a movie theater on Main Street in 1946. Thousands of people entered its doors until it closed in 2006. After 7 off and on years of abandonment it reopened in June of 2013 once again as a movie theater. During its run of sixty years thousands of people visited the theater and attended its shows.

Haunted History: Perhaps some fans of the Islip Pavilion Theater have decided to take up a supernatural presence in the old building. Many former employees have stories of feeling that they were not alone when working there at night. Many reported hearing strange sounds such as footsteps and knocking when no one else was around. A few people have even claimed to hear what sounded like breathing, and a human heart beat to them. If you’re near Islip and feel the urge to watch a movie go check out the Islip Pavilion Theater. Maybe the empty seat next to you won’t be as empty as you thought.