A Brief History: Jayne’s Hill is located in the West Hills (Huntington) of Long Island, New York. It is known as the highest point on Long Island. Its height is listed at 387 feet. At varying points in history it has held different names; including High Hill and Oakley’s High Hill Field. The area was made famous due to its association with the well-known poet, Walt Whitman. Whitman was born near the hill, and enjoyed climbing the summit as he got older. His poem, Starting from Paumanok was inspired by his time at Jayne’s Hill. Paumanok translates to “land of tribute”, and is what many Native American tribes referred to as the area that is now known as Long Island. Local Congressman and historian Silas Wood also lived near Jayne’s Hill till his passing in 1847. Currently, the hill is now part of parkland belonging to Suffolk County under the name West Hills County Park.

Haunted History: It is not surprising that the area is home to various paranormal claims considering the densely wooded location has seen its share of history these last few hundred years. Rumors abound of UFO activity in the past that occurred not far from Jayne’s Hill. Perhaps though, the most famous paranormal sighting that some travelers of the area claim to witness is that of Walt Whitman himself. Others claim to hear him singing songs in the woods like he used to while he lived in the area. Feel free to take a walk in the woods, climb Jayne’s Hill and just maybe you have chance to grab a fleeting glance of one of America’s most famous poets before he disappears back into the shadows.