A Brief History: Jennie (Mary Virginia Wade) born May 21st 1843 lived not in the “Jennie Wade” house but on Baltimore Street. The home actually belonged to her sister Georgia McClellan, which is located on 548 Baltimore Street. During the battle of Gettysburg, Jennie and her family stayed in her sister’s home instead of evacuating due to her sister being bed ridden from giving birth. The home literally sat between the two armies getting hit over and over again by bullets leaving holes in the structure that still remain there to this day. The North side facing the Confederates left 150 bullet holes in the front of the home. The home was also hit with a 10-pound “parrot” artillery shell, which hit and entered the 2nd floor wall, which separated the home from the two dwellings. Evidence of this can still be seen if you are taking a tour of the home. Jennie wade at just twenty years of age was the ONLY civilian to be killed in the battle. Just three days into the war, she was making bread for the union soldiers when a bullet came through two doors striking her in the shoulder killing her shortly after. It is said according to her sisters diary that she exclaimed just hours before she was killed, after a bullet struck her sisters bed post for god to take her life if he was going to take any because her dear sister just had her beautiful baby boy. Unfortunately, soon after she was killed. The soldiers heard her family’s cries over all the shooting and yelling and helped them escaped in to the other side of the home and into the basement for safety through the hole made by the parrot. As of 2014, they still had the piece of wood stained with her blood on display. The Jennie wade house is a shrine dedicated to Jennie wade and life during the American civil war and that fateful day on July 3rd 1863. You can also visit her grave located at Evergreen Cemetery, a couple of blocks from the Jennie wade house.

Haunted History: People have claimed to see apparitions of a young woman. She is sometimes seen in the mirrors around the home. There have been reports of strange sounds. Some even say they hear and see children that could be from a nearby orphanage. The roped area that block off the antiques tend to move on their own and sometimes there is the smell of roses and bread.