A Brief History: The John F. Craig House is located at 609 Columbia Avenue Cape May New Jersey. It was built sometime prior to 1850 and was later moved from an unknown location and extended in 1866. At one time this beautiful Victorian home belonged to a sailor who was lost at sea. The next owner was a banker who lost all of his earnings during a financial crash and passed away shortly after. The third was John Fullerton Craig a well to do sugar baron who passed away in 1926. Although there have been many previous residents the home now is known as the John F. Craig House. It is now a Bed and Breakfast and is one of Cape May’s top attractions. It is a seaside Victorian home that has been well kept by its latest owners Chip and Barbara Masemore.

Haunted History: The owners of the beachside cottage have reported that several spirits still linger in the home, and even have communicated with them. Footsteps have been reported. Men’s voices have been heard carrying on conversations. It is believed the sounds reported in the back of the home are a result of a residual haunting, or a playback of a past event. Psychics have explored the home and picked up on John F. Craig’s second wife Emma. She was a nanny and when Mr. Craig’s wife passed they married, leaving her to rule the home in a stern manner. On the third floor visitors have reported feeling their face lightly touched, and feel the spirit of a cat that once lived there, still roams the halls. The psychic felt the houses energy was very positive.