A Brief History: Located at 416 East Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg Virginia. On February 6th 1772, Jane Vobe opened the King’s Arms Tavern. She was the owner, as during this time it was not uncommon for women to have ownership of a tavern, especially a widow such as herself. As taverns were a source of the latest gossip and news, this tavern was catered to the politically influential and truly elite. At the time, Williamsburg was considered a social hub and was the popular place to be seen. Many traveled to eat at this location as well as use the lodging that was offered. The owner was once quoted speaking of her Tavern; it was “A place where the best people resorted.”

The original building has been reconstructed but the business still stands. A very popular tourist attraction, the King’s Arms Tavern makes people feel as though they’ve stepped back in time. Employees dress in 18th century traditional clothing and give diners the latest gossip in town. The furnishings are replicated to fit the time period and diners eat by candlelight

Haunted History: Known as a friendly spirit, Irma is not seen often but can usually be heard speaking to the staff. Although her exact origin is unknown, legend says she worked in the tavern and a fire caused by a dropped candle killed her. When candles go out in the dining area, it is said to be the work of Irma. Others believe she died of a heart attack on the upstairs level but nothing has confirmed either claim. One report from a former employee states that during the holidays when electric candles are placed in the windows, the staff must unscrew the bulbs each night when leaving. All would remain off except for the one in the room that it’s believed she died in.