Building 93

A Brief History: Building 93 is the tallest of all the buildings on the Kings Park Psychiatric Center property. It sits about 13 stories high. This building was originally constructed in the 1930’s and was opened for use in 1939. The architectural style of the building is neoclassical. Building 93 was constructed because of overcrowding on the property. Its main purpose was to house patients and to offer drug treatment. It housed geriatric patients as well as physically ill patients. The less mobile patients were housed on the upper floors of the building and the more active patients were housed on the lower floors. The lower floors gave the more active patients room to walk around and provided them with day rooms to socialize in. The building was designed to allow large amounts of light into these day rooms. When patients acted out they were susceptible to either electro shock therapy or hydro therapy depending on the situation. Around the 1970’s the building began to close. First the upper floors were closed and slowly every floor was closed until 1996 when the building became completely abandoned. Although still abandoned today the building is surrounded by a tall fence to deter anyone from trying to enter it. Building 93 is the most recognizable building on the property due to its overwhelming size. Due to its popularity it is the most entered and vandalized building. In addition to graffiti, three fires that occurred between 2015 and 2016 caused interior destruction. The basement of this building has a sub-basement that connects a labyrinth of steam tunnels across the property.

Haunted History: Some paranormal claims for Building 93 include hearing screams from the street and from residential areas. Other claims include hearing unexplained noises within the building as well seeing shadow people and apparitions. Many people have also claimed to hear loud bangs or objects moving in the building.


Medical/Surgical Facility – Building 7

A Brief History: Building 7 is the most recently constructed building on the property of Kings Park Psychiatric Center. The building itself was built in 1966. This building stands about 10 stories tall and is accompanied by a giant cube located at the top of the structure. (The cube has been taken down sometime in 2017.) The architectural design is considered modern by today’s standard. This building sits directly in front of buildings 21 and 22 and is connected to those buildings by a breezeway.

This building was used as a medical/surgical facility and also contained medical offices. The building is most famous for its morgue which sits on the first floor. This building was used for surgeries and also housed the hospital’s most physically ill patients. Building 7 is connected to buildings 21 and 22 by above ground tunnels. Buildings 21 and 22 housed patients and the above ground tunnels made it easy and safe to transport patients from building to building. The cube at the top of the building was used for water storage. After its closure the cube was used to support antennas for the Town of Smithtown Public Safety and the Kings Park Fire Department. This building had full running electricity up until 2001. Although this building is the newest and still stands today it remains in bad physical condition.

Haunted History: People have claimed that they have heard screams and have seen apparitions inside the buildings. Investigators in our group experienced someone running up to them even though there were no other people in the building or in the area around the building. Other claims in this building include loud bangs and the unexplained sound of people walking. There have also been claims of seeing a woman in a white gown roaming the halls and then disappear.


Wisteria House – Building 15

A Brief History: Located at 5 Kings Park Boulevard in Kings Park New York, Building 15 also known as Wisteria House was built in 1939. Many had believed that this building was used to house the criminally insane and all manner of dangerous and violent patients, but there is no factual basis on this. There may have been violent patients here for a very short period of time ( a few months) until building 21 and 22 was completed. The interior of the building is laid out to appear as more of a drug rehabilitation center, with large rooms broken up with half wall dividers for privacy of patients that stayed there. So it is unlikely violent patients were kept here. The building was closed down in 1990’s and has sat abandoned since and has been subjected to vandalism and graffiti.

Haunted History: There have been many claims that surround Building 15; one claim is that of strange noises being heard throughout the building. Some claim to have heard screams and voices coming from the halls of Wisteria House. People that have entered the building said to have had a feeling of being watched, also feelings of uneasy, dizziness and an overwhelming feeling of terror.


Building 21 – 22

A Brief History: Kings Park Psychiatric Centers Buildings 21 and 22 are nearly identical, connected buildings. They stand 4 stories high and connect to Building 7. Built in 1957, the construction lasted 10 years. After a majority of the other buildings were closed. Many of their functions were brought to these buildings. Building 21 was mainly used for patient housing. Building 22 was used for new admissions and patients under watch of the Sheriff, as well as housed the criminally insane. These buildings were also used for psychiatric and drug care. They gave a small group home setting to the adolescents and young adults to be treated for things such as depression and drug abuse. A large fence was built to separate the patients from the outside after many complaints.

Haunted History: Many people report banging sounds throughout the buildings and while it may be the building itself, there are sightings of shadows following behind people. There have also been claims of sudden unusually cold spots. Ghost hunters and urban explorers also claim that this building has a different feeling than all the other buildings. They feel a very uneasy feeling walking through some of the hallways especially the basement.


Café – Building 56

A Brief History: Building 56 was one of the psychiatric center’s 150 buildings. It was a patient run store, clubhouse, and cafeteria for visitors that was built in 1974. KPPC opened in 1885 with 55 patients. By 1900, the patient count rose to almost 3,000 and by the year 1954, KPPC housed up to almost 10,000 patients. By 1990 the patient population declined and KPPC was operating at a fraction of what it was capable of, this made the New York State Department of Mental Health’s decision of closing Kings Park Psychiatric Center for good. On August 13th, 2012, demolition began on Café 56.

Haunted History: Visitors have claimed to hear voices, yelling, seen shadow people and full body apparitions. Also, they claimed to feel cold spots and heard unexplainable noises.


Police & Fire Department – Building 83

A Brief History: Building 83 was built in 1925 to be used as a Police and Fire Department. The 2ndfloor was used to house the staff of Building 83. The building played a critical role in the facilities self-sufficiency and means of ensuring patient safety. Former employees recall loud sirens coming from the building throughout the day. Locals used to mistake these sirens for signaling a patient escape, but they simply notified roaming patients that it was time to return to their wards. The use of this building, along with many buildings on the property, was reduced in the early 1990’s when Kings Park Psychiatric Center began the process of shutting down for good. The building exists now as the other buildings do, abandoned with no real purpose.

Haunted History: The paranormal occurrences here are similar to those occurring on the rest of the grounds of the complex. Many people have claimed to see an apparition of a male appear and then just disappear. While the buildings are often traversed by urban explorers, some believe these noises to be of paranormal origin.


Power Plant – Building 29

A Brief History: Over the years Kings Park Psychiatric Hospital obtained its electricity through various plants. Constructed in 1964, Building 29 was the last power plant constructed for this purpose. The building 29 power plant originally burned coal to generate electricity and steam for heat, however, later on it was refitted to be able to use oil and natural gas. As with most of the complex, building 29 was shuttered by 1996 when the hospital was officially closed by New York State. The property then became part of Nissequogue State Park. The building’s smoke stack was demolished in March of 2013, a fate slated as well to various buildings on the campus.

Haunted History: The Kings Park Psychiatric Center complex is rumor to many paranormal tales. Building 29 is not exempt from the legends. Many visitors to the area report hearing what sounds like patients yelling. People exploring the building report hearing the sounds of footsteps, and doors opening/closing. Shadowy figures have been described roaming the halls of the building. Apparently just because the building is now closed, doesn’t mean it’s empty of those with stories to tell.


Macy Hall – Building 90

A Brief History: Building 90 of Kings Park Psychiatric Center is also known as Macy Hall. Built in 1917, it was soon dedicated in memory of superintendent Doctor William A. Macy upon his death in 1918. When the building opened it was originally used for male staff housing. Later it was then used as an Administrative building with the 1stfloor being used for new employee processing. In 1923 there were wings added to the building due to the abundance of new patients coming to the facility, and the need for more nurses and staff to assist with the new patients. There were dormitories on the upper floors and staff housing as well. It was later used as a Nursing School and business offices.

Haunted History: People have reported seeing unusual shadowy figures lurking the hallways of the building. People have also claimed to hear conversations from some of the rooms and when they went to check it out no one was there. People also get the feelings of being watched when they are walking outside of the building.


New Laundry – Building 94

A Brief History: Building 94 served as a laundry and storage building after construction was completed in 1953. It was built to replace building 5 as the laundry room. The building was active until 1957. Not to be confused with the original Building 94 which was renumbered following its construction to Building 21when it was completed in 1957. The building stands abandoned to this day.

Haunted History: As with a lot of paranormal activity at Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Building 94 is no exception. Claims of hearing footsteps and doors opening and closing. Some people who have said to see shadows lurking the halls, and just a general feeling of uneasiness.