A Brief History:Kingscote is a Gothic Revival style home located at 253 Bellevue Avenue in Newport Rhode Island. The home was constructed in 1839 under the supervision of head architect Richard Upjohn who was well known for building Gothic Revival structures and is attributed with bringing the style to the United States. The home had several owners throughout history and some made renovations to the original design. Noted owners include Stanford White, a famous architect whose style contributed to the architectural movement known as the “American Renaissance”. The home was later owned by the King family across a generation between 1863 and 1972 until it was given to the Preservation Society of Newport County through which it was made a historic landmark.

Haunted History:People who have toured the mansion have reported of hearing a child crying and then just stop. There have also been claims of feeling cold spots throughout the house. There have also been claims of seeing children playing outside of the house late at night and then just disappear.