A Brief History: The Ladd School for the Feeble Minded is located in Exeter, Rhode Island. It was established in 1908 on a farm by Dr. Joseph Henry Ladd. In 1911 an industrial school building was built. It’s name was changed to The Exeter School in 1916. It’s residents, which now include males and females, are classified as “idiots, imbeciles, and morons” and are referred to as “inmates” by the staff. Disease ran rampant and conditions deteriorated as the school became overcrowded and understaffed. Over the years, there were many unexplained and “accidental” deaths at the location. In 1958, the school was renamed The Dr. Joseph H. Ladd School and again in 1978 as The Dr. Joseph H. Ladd Center. In 1994, after 86 years and over 5000 “inmates” the school was closed. In recent years, attempts were made to redevelop the land, but were rejected. In 2012, the last of the remaining buildings were demolished. Leaving behind little to no (physical) evidence of the school’s history, good and bad. The only thing that remains is a memorial plaque that remembers those who past away while here.

Haunted History: Prior to the buildings being demolished, there were many reports of paranormal activity. Reports of moaning, crying, and whispering throughout the main building. Doors have been seen opening and closing without explanation and have locked even though there was no actual locks on them anymore. Still others have reported that they have been touched and shoved by something. Even after the final buildings were torn down, there have been claims of shadow figures moving through the fields and woods. Voices have been heard and orbs have been captured in photos. Car radios are said to act up or stop working completely and some have even claimed that their car alarms and horns have gone off unexpectedly. These occurrences may be all that remains as proof of the long, sad, and tragic history of The Ladd School.