A Brief History: Located at 45 Main Street Lakeville Massachusetts, formerly named the Lakeville State Sanatorium, was first opened in 1910 where they specialized in treating cases of tuberculosis. In the 1950’s they changed their name and started taking in other patients with crippling illnesses. Lakeville State Hospital was one of the few state of the art facilities in the world to practice heliotherapy. Due to state funding, over crowdedness of patients, lack of staffing, poor health conditions, the increase of home care and medications, ultimately the hospital was closed in 1993 and remains abandoned to this day.

Haunted History: It’s been said that even today, people can still hear footsteps walking and running through the abandoned halls. There have also been cases of crying and screaming heard coming from the third floor of the hospital where the operating rooms had been. The windows on the front of the hospital also claim to have had blood spatter on them from time to time without anyone having any access to the inside of the building.