A Brief History: The lighthouse was completed in 1909 due to the increase of boat traffic to New London. Originally named “Southwest Ledge”, it was later changed to New London Ledge Light to avoid any confusion with the lighthouse in New Haven bearing the same name. On November 7, 1909, the lighthouse was placed into operation. Three or four man crews maintained the light and the house. It is three-stories and has eleven rooms, and made of brick and granite.

Haunted History: The most famous claim of paranormal activity at Ledge Lighthouse is of a former keeper of the lighthouse named Ernie. Legend has it that Ernie, who was consumed with grief and loneliness, climbed to the roof of the lighthouse and jumped. His body was never found though. It is said that Ernie haunts the lighthouse. He is known to turn on the foghorn on clear days. Strange noises, whispers, cold spots and boats being untied also point to the manners of Ernie.