A Brief History: The Leffingwell House is located at 348 Washington Street in Norwich Connecticut. The structure originated as a two room home around 1670. The structure was expanded pre-Revolution to become a local inn or pub, and eventually evolved into a home owned by a Norwich Patriot before 1776. Having not been remodeled in over 200 years the Leggingwell House is a perfect showcase for artifacts that range from the founding of Norwich in 1659 up until the Civil War era. Currently the property operates as the Leffingwell House Museum, open to the public Saturdays, April through October.

Haunted History: With a long 338 year history, it’s hard to believe that there wouldn’t be paranormal activity. In 2013 the museum reached out to a local paranormal group to investigate strange occurrences. The Leffingwell House workers claimed to have seen a full-bodied apparition sitting, then standing up from a large pink chair in the living room. This claim was later witnessed during the investigation as local team members claim to have witnessed the entity as well, but only the torso. After researching former inhabitants of the property, the workers believe the apparition to be former resident Ruth Huntington.