Lake George, NY

A Brief History: Located at 75 Dieskau Stret in Lake George New York holds a lot of history through the years. The old Victorian style house was built in the late 1800s, and was owned by African Americans Samuel and Dorothy McPhearsen. During the 1920s Lake George was still a segregated town, so there were many African Americans that could not stay in the white owned hotels in the area, so they stayed in the Woodbine Hotel. Many of there guests at the Woodbine Hotel consisted of African American tourists, African American wait staff and servants who worked in the white owned hotels, and also some famous people who have been known to have stayed there is Duke Ellington, Count Basie and even Sammy Davis Jr. Its is also said that a white captain passing through the town had stayed there for a short time period.

In February of 1928 there was a KKK rally on Route 9 to protest against the congressman to keep segregation and deny rights to African Americans, who lived in that area. By the end of 1928, the Supreme Court ruled against the KKK protest and granted the rights to all men, whichever race has the right to be free of harassment and should be able to live a safe lifestyle. After this Supreme Court ruling was held, the KKK started to decline in power for the rally of segregation.

In 2006 owners John and Terri Case moved the Lemon Peel Lounge that used to be on Canada Street since the late 1980s, to the old Woodbine Hotel. The Lemon Peel Lounge is used as a Bar and is opened from 3p.m. to 4a.m. Many guests who go there for a drink have a good time and enjoy the atmosphere.

Haunted History: It is said that Mrs. McPhearsen haunts this location. People have claimed that when you walk into the building if you do not acknowledge Mrs. McPhearsen, by saying hello, she will knock things off of the shelves until she is acknowledged. People have also claimed that Captain Langpheat haunts this location. While walking down the street looking at the house at the 2nd floor window, you can see an old captain open up the curtain to see if anyone is there. There have also been claims of seeing an Abenaki Indian Chief. Guests have also claimed to have felt cold spots in the building. Employees have claimed that the telephone would ring every morning at 3a.m. even after the phone was unplugged.