A Brief History: The Little People Village is located at Old Waterbury Road in Middlebury, Connecticut has many rumors of its origin. Whether it’s the urban legend regarding a village built for a fairy king, or a trolley system for an abandoned amusement park; there seems to be many legends. The truth is, that the site began as a gas station that was built in 1924. In 1928, a new major roadway was built and the station became obsolete, and the owner, William Joseph Lannen, converted the site into a plant nursery. After planting many colorful trees and plants, Lannen started building small structures across the site. Small houses, churches and even a lighthouse were all built as part of this nursery. In the mid 1930’s, the property was abandoned and left to the elements. This is when the tales began of the fairy village.

The urban legend tells the tale of a man who lived alone in the woods in a stone house. He began hearing the voices of the little people, possible elementals who commanded he build a village for them. The man builds the village, but is eventually driven insane by the little people and commits suicide. It is said that if you linger in the village long enough, you’ll be driven insane as well.

Haunted History: There are many rumors about the activity at the little people village. It is said that the ghost of the man who built the village, as well as the little people, haunt the woods. There is supposedly a strong negative field that fills the area. It is also alleged, that if you sit in the throne of the king of the little people, you will die within seven years.