A Brief History: Located at 727 Beach Avenue in Cape May, New Jersey, the Macomber Hotel sits just a stone’s throw from the beach. This beautiful grand-shingle style mansion was erected circa 1919, and was the last building constructed during the Cape May’s heyday to be distinguished as a historical landmark. Built to reflect the quietness of a middle-class hotel in the 1920’s, at the time of its construction it was the largest wood framed structure east of the Mississippi. The Macomber Hotel has since been renovated and updated to include all modern amenities for the family vacation, and finds itself on the National Historical Landmark Registry.

Haunted History: Most of the paranormal activity occurring at the Macomber Hotel centers around room #10, where since the 1930s an elderly widow would vacation and recollect on the fun times she shared with her late husband. The activity seems to be most prevalent during the months of June or November, presumably when the widow would make her trips to the Cape May area. Some of the claims of paranormal activity include, phantom sounds of footsteps in the halls or knocking on doors, in addition to accounts of people capturing EVPs and seeing full body apparitions.