A Brief History: Located at 4 Old Jericho Turnpike the Maine Maid Inn was originally built at another location. The building itself dates to around 1789 and was the home of Valentine Hicks, (2nd president of the Long Island Rail Road) who was a “station master” on the Underground Railroad. The system, run by Quakers and other abolitionists, was a series of passageways, land and sea routes and safe houses to shuttle runaway slaves North to Canada. It sits adjacent to Jericho preserve which is the site of Elias Hicks home (Valentine Hicks father in law), the current offices for L.I. Fund for Women and Girls, the Quaker Meeting House, pasture and other historic structures.

In 1950, the home was turned into an inn and became well known for banquets and family gatherings. The inn closed around 2009. In the present date the local historical society is trying to raise funds to restore and preserve the location and the building.

Haunted History: It is said that there are banging sounds, footsteps, and voices heard from secret rooms in the house. People have also claimed to have seen apparitions throughout the house and the grounds.aid Inn published 1789 as the date the building was constructed. Confusion over the construction date is because the Inn was originally in another location. The home became an Inn in 1950.