A Brief History: Located at 596 Bellevue Avenue in Newport Rhode Island, Marble House was built between the years of 1888 to 1892. It was built as a summerhouse for Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt. On his wife Alva’s 39th birthday, Mr. Vanderbilt gave the house to his wife as a gift. Unfortunately, in 1895 the Vanderbilt’s divorced and Alva married Oliver H.P. Belmont and moved in with him. After her ex-husbands death, Alva reopened Marble House building a Chinese Tea House on nearby cliffs. It was here where Alva hosted several women’s rights rallies. She ended up selling the house in 1932, and it was then acquired by The Preservation Society in 1963. It is said that Marble House helped the transition of Newport into the lavish place it is today, and was deemed a National Historic Landmark in 2006.

Haunted History: Visitors have claimed to see a woman in century clothing walk through the halls and then disappear. Some do believe Alva Vanderbilt still roams the halls. Some refer to her as the Lady of Marble house. Marble House is also located near several other supposed haunted locations such as Belcourt Castle and The Breakers.