A Brief History: The Market Square Tavern is located at 118 South Queen Street Williamsburg Virginia. The tavern was established in 1749 by a man named John Dixon. The Tavern was a popular trading post for merchants to sell their goods. It was then sold to numerous people until it ended up in the hands of a merchant named Robert Lyon. During the time he owned the tavern, Thomas Jefferson was a frequent patron there since he was studying at a nearby college. Eventually the tavern was sold to Gabriel Maupin who owned it throughout the entirety of the Revolutionary War, which become a well-known place for soldiers to gather. Fast forward to 1842, a raging fire caused an extreme amount of damage to the tavern, to the point where it had to be fully rebuilt. Fortunately the building still stands today, amongst over 80 other historical sites in the surrounding areas in the Colonial Williamsburg District.

Haunted History: There have been many claims of people seeing soldiers and hearing tapping from inside the walls. This could be due to the fact that the Greek Revival Church right next door was used during the Revolutionary War to treat wounded and amputee soldiers. It was also commonly used for burials during the war.