A Brief History: The Mather House Museum is located at 115 Prospect Street Port Jefferson, New York. The home was built in 1840 and belonged to John Richard Mather, a notorious shipbuilder out of Port Jefferson, NY. His son John Titus Mather took over the house in the late 1860s and he followed in his fathers footsteps and kept his family going on being one of the leading ship builders of Long Island. The home is now owned and run by the Port Jefferson Historical Society offices, as well as a maritime museum featuring many 19thand 20thcentury items such as furniture, art, tools, etc.

Haunted History: People who have toured the museum claim to have seen an apparition of a man walking around and then disappear. There are some theories of the paranormal that state that ghosts or spirits could be attached to certain items. Being that this museum has all sorts of items that pass through the house, it may have left some type of spiritual activity behind.