A Brief History: The McKesson-Brown Estate is located at 109 Browns Road, Huntington New York. The entire estate was built in 1912 by George McKesson-Brown, a gold coast era pharmaceutical millionaire. In 1962, 4 acres of the original 33 were purchased by the Unitarian Universalistic Fellowship of Huntington. The building, which resides on these 4 acres, was originally the garage and stables as Mr. McKesson-Brown was very fond of collecting cars. There was also once a large water tower on this property, but due to insurance reasons, it had to be torn down. The site, now owned by the UUFH is a place for nondenominational worship and community gatherings such as Religious Education, Renaissance Fairs, and many musical and art exhibits.

Haunted History: It is said that there are many ghosts that haunt these grounds, including caretakers, monks, and an heiress that likes to get handsy among others. Long Island Paranormal Investigators has investigated these grounds multiple times, including participating in the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt in 2018. We have had a few EVPs and personal experiences which included feeling cold spots in certain areas, feelings of being watched, and the light switches turning on and off by themselves. There was also a growling sound heard on the 2nd floor.