A Brief History: The Moore Building is located at 1 East Main Street is a jewel of Oyster Bay, New York. The Moore Building was built in 1891 by James Moore. The building was originally one floor tall and built to house Moore’s Grocery store. In 1901 Moore expanded the building with a second and third floor to hold town meetings. This is the building as you see it today. During the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt he spent his summers at Sagamore Hill. He used the upper floors of the Moore building as his summer executive offices. Secretary William Loeb Jr. and his staff took care of any business there, which did not directly involve the President. Through the years the building has housed several restaurants. Today the building is a restaurant serving New American fare named Wild Honey.

Haunted History: Some of the employees that work there claim to here footsteps and a conversation from the 2ndfloor when no one is up there. Guest have claimed to have feelings of being watched when there isn’t many people in the restaurant.