A Brief History: Located in Huntington, NY Mount Misery was named by early settlers for being a rocky, uneasy to climb piece of land that was impossible to farm on. They were warned by the Native Americans in the area that the grounds were cursed, but they didn’t take the warnings. After discovering the difficulties of the area, they named it Mount Misery. Today because of its vastness, we separate it into 3 sites. There are two locations of Mt Misery that are split between the North and South side of Northern State Parkway. Site 1 sits on the South side and is easy to reach, but the second area is harder to reach and requires a long walk through dirt roads. This area is so large we split the location into two. We refer to those as sites 2 and 3. It is said that during the early 1700’s a hospital once stood on the grounds. The patients that were there were extremely mistreated and neglected. A woman named Mary was said to have escaped the hospital many times. Each time she set the building on fire. After the third time she burnt the hospital to the ground, and they decided not to rebuild. Mary is said to have been buried somewhere on the grounds of Mt. Misery. The grounds are also very close to and may even tie into some of the hauntings of Sweet Hollow Road.

Haunted History: There are many different types of hauntings that occur at Mount Misery. There have been sightings of Shadow People, glowing orbs, the sounds of laughter and also cries for help. Many have experienced all these things. There are also more menacing forces on the grounds from feelings of dread, voices screaming for help saying they are burning, to let them out and to even acknowledge your presence at the location. This area definitely has intelligent spirits roaming the grounds. There have been sightings of children here, a woman calling for help. But more interesting is that there has even been claims of a demonic force roaming around site 3. There has been claims of foul odors, odd growling with no animals in site and what can only be described as the smell of dried blood, some even claim to have seen a strange beast with glowing red eyes. People have said that there have also been rituals held throughout the year and the month of September seems to be when Mount Misery is its most active.