A Brief History: Located at 250 Temple Street in New Haven Connecticut, The New Haven Green was built c. 1641 by the original settlers of New Haven, CT. It was established to be a marketplace and public gathering area. Fast forwarding to today, it is still used as such with markets, festivals, concerts and other community events taking place there throughout the year. However, it was also used as a burial ground for the original settlers of the area up until 1821. After then, all the tombstones were moved to the nearby Grove Street Cemetery. But the estimated 5,000+ bodies were left behind.

In the past the likes of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln have given speeches on the grounds giving it a ripe place in history. But there are also some historically linked figures buried there like Benedict Arnold’s first wife, members of President Rutherford B. Hayes’ family, Reverend James Pierpont (founder of Yale University) and one of the founders of New Haven, Theophilus Eaton.

Haunted History: Shadowy and misty figures have been seen in the green on occasion and some speculate that these spirits may belong to those buried there whose graves have been disturbed. There are also reports of disembodied voices asking questions and the feeling of your energy being drained.