A Brief History: The Octagon Hotel is located at 67 West Main Street in Oyster Bay New York. The Octagon Hotel was built in 1851, by Luther Jackson. It was used as a political and social meeting place in Oyster Bay, NY. The building has eight sides and is very unique in that there are only a few others like it on Long Island. It also is the only octagon shaped hotel in America. In the early years of its existence it was also known as the Nassau House as well as the Acker Nassau House. The hotel served as a restaurant and popular political meeting place. Politicians such as Theodore Roosevelt and The German Ambassador Baron Speck von Sternburg also frequented this one of a kind hotel. Although the hotel was a place that held positive and lively events, it also has a dark and eerie history that involves the murder of three local women. Lydia and Annie Maybee and Charlotte Aurelia Townsend.

On November 17, 1883 Lydia Maybee went out to milk cows in her barn. After failing to return after one half hour, her blind and paralyzed husband, Garret Maybee sent his daughter Annie to check on her. An intruder broke into the home demanding Mr. Maybee’s watch and beating him unconscious. The Detective assigned to the case, Detective Wood felt the crimes were done by someone who was familiar with the Maybee family, and their residence. Charles H. Rugg, a man who once worked for the family was later convicted of murdering them and sentenced to hanging.

Haunted History: People have claimed to hear screaming coming from the building, as well as a sudden cold spot out of nowhere. People have also claimed to see an apparition of a woman standing outside looking around and then disappear.