A Brief History: In 1914 Otto Herman Kahn a well to do investment banker purchased a large piece of land in what today is known as Cold Spring Hills. Kahn wanted to show off his wealth by building a castle for his home on the tallest hill on Long Island New York. Since all the tallest points where already owned, instead he brought in truckload after truckload of dirt until it became the highest point. It is at this time that Kahn built Oheka Castle a beautiful 126-room mansion. The Castle has 109,000 square feet of living space and is considered the second largest private residence next to Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. Today the castle is owned and operated as a catering hall where people can have lavish expensive weddings and parties and the guests can pay to stay the night in one of Oheka Castles many rooms.

Haunted History: There are supposedly secret tunnels that lead to Cold Spring Harbor and where used during the days of prohibition. Also there are secret passageways and rooms within Oheka Castle. There is even an area in the basement with bars where it is said Otto Kahn kept pet lions. There have been reports of seeing watery footprint in the poolroom late at night after the pool has been closed. There have been reports in the library where there is a portrait of Otto Kahn starring at you. There have even been occurrences when guests go to take a photograph of the portrait and the camera is set to take a photo when someone smiles, and when they aim it at the portrait the camera takes a picture without the guest pressing any buttons. There have also been claims of shadow people lurking around outside between the bushes.