A Brief History: The Old Orchard Home is located on the grounds of the Sagamore Hill Estate at 12 Sagamore Hill Road Oyster Bay New York. The estate, including land and structures, was given to President Theodore Roosevelt’s son, Theodore Roosevelt III (commonly known as “Roosevelt Jr.), in January of 1919 after his father’s death. Built in 1938, the Old Orchard Home was built on a 4-acre piece of land located within the apple orchard on the estate. Roosevelt Jr. and his wife, Eleanor, lived in the house together until Roosevelt Jr.’s death on July 12, 1944. Roosevelt Jr. suffered many health issues related to WWI service, including heart problems, which he kept secret from Army doctors. He suffered a heart attack during World War II in Normandy, France. After his passing, Eleanor and their 4 children lived in the house until her eventual death in 1960. In 1962, the land and houses on the Sagamore Hill Estate, including the Old Orchard House, were donated to the National Park Service. Today, the Old Orchard House serves as host to the Theodore Roosevelt Museum as well as the National Park Service’s administrative offices. Public tours of the home are given daily.

Haunted History: A Pro Ranger with the National Park Service visited the home, and felt a “presence” as he was passing a full-length portrait of Eleanor (Roosevelt Jr.’s wife) in the main stairwell where it is believed she committed suicide. There has also been unusual cold spots throughout the house.