A Brief History: Located on Main Street in Stowe Vermont, the Old Yard Cemetery was first established in 1798. The land donated by William Utley had his son young Willie Utley as its first occupant, at just twelve years old, who had drowned attempting to cross a brook near what, is now Route 108. Some of these cemeteries occupants include Stowes’ founder, Oliver Luce, 33 veterans of the American Revolution, 17 veterans of the War of 1812, and 11 Civil War Veterans. There are an estimated 1,150 buried here with 100 unidentified graves. The last grave was dug here in 1915 and became a historic cemetery in 1993 and was closed to further burials. Now it is used as a tourist stop as you can see the family trees of the early settlers and take in the silent beauty of its surroundings.

Haunted History: With the long family and town history being buried here, it is no surprise that their spirits may stick around to visit with one another. There are claims of being touched and seeing shadow people. And one visitor even claimed to have seen the spirit of a little girl standing next to her grave. This cemetery is a must see, with its history, spirits and haunting beauty, you can’t go wrong.