A Brief History: The Oliver House is located at 443 Plymouth Street in Middleboro Massachusetts. Built in 1769 for Dr. Peter Oliver Jr. and his new bride Sally Hutchinson. Peter and Sally were loyalists to the crown, which created some animosity from the revolutionaries. Mobs had formed in front of the home on two different occasions. The first, forcing Dr. Oliver not to take commissions from General Gage. On the second occasion, it is said the crowd in a rage, took and carried away with threats on his life, a friend of the family, Silas wood. In 1775, they fled to their home in England for safety. It is said that Benjamin Franklin has reportedly stayed in the home for three days before he had fled taking with him important papers. The home was also once used as an underground railroad during the Civil War. Today the house is currently a museum and allows paranormal investigators to come in and investigate.

Haunted History: There are reports of being shushed in the basement for being too loud or talking too much. The staff has also reported the sounds of children playing, voices being heard, and objects moving. Investigators through the years have also picked up many EVPs, feelings of being watched through the entire house, and unusual EMF readings.